Athena’s Daughters, Volume 2

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Maze running executioners, menopausal super heroes, psychic scientists, precog nuns, sentient crows . . . These are just a sampling of the diverse ladies that will enthrall, excite, and entertain you in this anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories written by women.

Featuring These Triumphant Hearts by Ellen Goodlett and the following stories:

The Killing Garden – Carrie Ryan
At the Corner of the Garden Wall – Megan O’ Russell
The Miraculous – Tess Tabak
Crow Bait and Switch – Tish Pahl
Red is the Color of Mother Dirt – JY Yang
Destiny’s Bitch – Gerri Leen
Final Voyage of the World’s Oldest Time Traveler – Tiffani Angus
Flowers of Cenene – Liz Colter
Breathe – Elizabeth Bridges
The Pendant – Rori Shay
Perchance to Dream – Sarah Brand
Hot Flash – Antha Adkins
The Phoenix – Janice Croom
Reanimated – Nicole Givens Kurtz
The Black Mamba and the Leopard – Alison J. McKenzie
Ariadne – Megan Chee
Maelstrom at the End of the World – Lindsay Kitson
As Far as Death This Way – Jordan Frederick
Call Me Claw – Janine Southard
The Last Two People on Earth – Emily Leverett