Everything We Never Knew

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A dazzling and heartwarming novel from Emmy Award winner Julianne Hough and Rule author Ellen Goodlett.

When the stars align, anything can happen.

On stage at an awards banquet is the last place Lexi Cole expected to drown. But as she accepts the award for top-seller at her realty firm, something unusual catches Lexi’s eye: a man surrounded by a dark haze. Then she hears a woman screaming for help, and the taste of saltwater overwhelms her. Just as Lexi’s throat begins to close, the man leaves the room and the sensation of drowning abruptly stops. Later that night, the man dies of an overdose, and Lexi learns about the traumatic boating accident that killed his sons and tore his family apart.

Lexi wants to believe it’s a bizarre coincidence. Any other explanation would disrupt the normal, comfortable life she’s worked so hard to build. Lexi is an expert at denial, a pro at fitting in. But as more strange events unfold, Lexi can’t deny the truth: something is changing inside her. She feels other people’s emotions, sometimes even glimpses their private memories.

By embracing her new abilities, Lexi can help heal people―though not until she confronts the past she’s spent a lifetime burying. But when a vision reveals her husband is in danger, Lexi must decide: face her inner demons or lose the person she loves most.

Atmospheric and emotional, Everything We Never Knew is the gripping story of one woman embracing her power, no matter what the world thinks.