Memory Lane

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A strained mother-daughter bond. An experiment with memory implantation. Someone who doesn’t want them to remember.

Co-authored with Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard, this Black Mirror-inspired audio thriller follows Alex Bryant, a recent college graduate who’s spent her whole life searching for answers about the past her mother refuses to divulge. More than anything, she longs to know her father’s identity. Even if he was a terrible person, Alex wants to know where she came from. Plus she thinks it will help her understand her flighty mother, Cassie, who she’s struggled to relate to her entire life.

So when Cassie invites Alex to sign up for a new experimental study that can implant memories directly from a mother’s brain into her child’s, Alex agrees in spite of her fears. She’s normally risk-averse, a type-A planner. But when it comes to getting answers, Alex is willing to do whatever it takes.

But sometimes, the more you learn about your past, the more you regret it…

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